August and September make for a great time to go camping. The days are still warm so you can enjoy swimming and other outdoor activities, and the evenings cool off to really take in those campfires at night. But to make the most of your trip, you’ll need these late summer camping tips and hacks from your friends here at Naturals Springs Resort in Southwest Ohio.

Pack strategically

Packing for a camping trip is always a practice in strategy and organization, but never more so than during the changing seasons. You want to pack light, but also pack enough supplies to be prepared. If you are tent camping, be sure to bring tarps, cold-weather sleeping gear and whatever you’ll need to stay warm. However, if you happen to forget any important supplies, you can also find a number of necessities at our camp store! From cooking and camping supplies to first aid and water toys — and even souvenirs, there’s something for everyone at our camp store.

Bring a mix of clothing layers

Although you want to pack light, it’s important to have a full mix of clothing to prepare for the changing weather. Even if you’re staying in a temperature-controlled RV and not a tent, dressing for the weather is important to stay comfortable during your camping trip. You’ll want to start out with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep you warm, and then some mid-layers that come in a variety of weights and sleeve lengths. Next, you’ll want a water and/or wind-resistant jacket, plus some waterproof shoes (and a backup pair of boots or shoes as well). And most important, don’t forget your warm socks!

Don’t forget the blankets

When you’re planning for a camping trip, one of the best supplies you can pack are extra blankets! Sure, they can help you stay warm at night, but they can also act as a picnic blanket as you enjoy your favorite camping meals or treats from our camp grille, some blankets can repel water, and they can keep you dry from any mud or debris on the ground. Of course, towels are nice to dry off at our beach or swimming pool, but for sitting and relaxing on the sand, you can’t beat a comfy blanket.

Plan for rainy days

Make sure to check the weather on your camping trip, but don’t let cool or wet weather keep you from enjoying it. You can plan ahead for rainy days by having some indoor activities ready and by packing well with plenty of layers and tarps. And at Natural Springs, when the weather doesn’t cooperate, we also have plenty of indoor fun to fill your days and evenings. You’ll definitely want to make time for family favorites like movie nights, bingo, board games, card tournaments, crafts and more!

Bonus hack: Warm your sleeping bag with a water bottle.

For those chilly late nights while camping, we love this little trick to keep your sleeping bag warm! Fill a water bottle with hot water — even just the one you use to stay hydrated during the day — and you’ll get to enjoy a toasty warm sleeping bag to help you fall asleep!

If you’re ready to schedule your late summer camping trip, contact us at 937-437-5771 or book your trip online today!