Natural Springs Resort is a great place to get away. Amenities abound and, between the heated swimming pool and the spring-fed lake, we are sure you will have a great time no matter what you get up to during your stay. One pastime many enjoy, no matter the season, is fishing. 

We see it all here, from families trying the sport together for the first time to seasoned pros wrestling a big catch. If you are planning to fish while you are staying with us, we have a few guidelines for you to keep in mind so that you can have a great experience.

No Fishing Licence Required

First off, no fishing license is required to drop a line. This is great news for those who would like to give fishing a try without the added hassle of obtaining a license. Our fishing is catch and release only, which means whatever you catch must be thrown back into the lake. That being said, we stock our pond with some great fish, including channel catfish, yellow perch, rainbow trout, walleye and black crappie, so you may have to work hard to pull in the big guys!

Boat and Shore Fishing

Visitors of Natural Springs Resort have many options as far as where they are allowed to fish, including from non-motorized boats. We offer paddle boat and kayak rentals for those who wish to make their experience even more serene and enjoyable. You can take it from us, there is nothing better than sitting in the middle of a still lake on a beautiful day with a line in the water!

We offer benches along the water which you may also use, or you can just walk along the shore with your fishing rod. We do ask that our visitors refrain from fishing on the beach, near the cliffside of the lake, in front of the Scuba Dive shack, or in the water channel. 

Pay Close Attention to Guidelines

Our water channel is now equipped with fountains, which will help the ecosystem of the lake remain healthy for all of those gorgeous fish. This means, however, that there are risks, such as electrocution, when casting a line into this area. In order to keep our resort safe and clean, we ask that everyone pay attention to the marked signs. Violators may be fined or asked to leave without a refund if they are found fishing within the water channel. 

Fishing is a great way to pass a relaxing day outdoors during any season, especially when you are surrounded by the beauty of a natural spring-fed lake. We hope that all of our visitors truly enjoy their fishing experience this year. Remember to follow these guidelines and take any pictures of your biggest catches!