During the summer of 2021, we invited a few Midwest travel bloggers and influencers to visit Natural Springs Resort throughout the season. It was a blast to host them and their families to discover all the camping amenities and outdoor fun our resort has to offer. Each party stayed in a different one of our lodging options, so we loved reading and sharing their reviews about the wide variety of experiences available here at Natural Springs. [Photo Credit: Sara Broers]

Hodgepodge Hippie: RV Rental

Thena Franssen of Hodgepodge Hippie, her husband and two daughters were our first bloggers of 2021, visiting for a few sunny days in late April. Their personal camper was not quite ready for the summer season, so they opted to stay in our on-site rental RV. Even without the pool and Wibit open quite yet, the Franssen family had a blast on our campground.

When it comes to the best family campground in Ohio, you can’t go wrong with Natural Springs Resort in New Paris, Ohio. We recently traveled there to stay two nights in their rentable camper, and we’re happy to share our thoughts and opinions from our stay. If you’re looking for a clean campground that offers a ton of great amenities, you’re not going to want to miss out on a chance to experience the camping life here.

The camper was PERFECT for the size of our family (2 adults and 2 kids), and we had plenty of room for more. This is because the back bedroom had 2 sets of bunks (which would sleep 4) PLUS a coach that folded down for a bed, a table that folded down for a bed, and a queen-sized bed in the bedroom in the front as well. We were never cramped for room during our stay, and it was so much fun to actually be on the inside of another camper that is quite different than what we’re used to.

After the paddle boating and swimming took place, it’s safe to say that we all worked up an appetite. We treated our bellies to an absolutely delicious pizza. I swear we were all racing to finish our piece so we could hurry up and have another one before we were out. I loved being able to place the order and go pick it up without having to get in the car and drive somewhere. Another win and a HUGE plus for the convenience factor of Natural Springs Resort! (and I’m serious – the pizza was so good. The crust tasted like my mom’s homemade pizza crust!)

Another big factor for our family is that we need to be able to work on the road. This lifestyle affords us the freedom to travel, but that comes with needing the internet, too. Since there were things that I needed to do during our stay, I loved being able to hook up to the wi-fi that is provided by Natural Springs Resort and work right outside the camper. READ MORE.

Midwest Travel Network/Travel with Sara: 2 Bed Premium+ Cabin

Our next blogger/influencer to visit was Sara Broers of Travel with Sara and the Midwest Travel Network. Sara stayed with a friend in our premium plus cabin featuring two bedrooms, three beds and one bathroom. Her June stay was great timing to take advantage of the paddle boating on our natural spring-fed lake.

Natural Springs Resort is paradise. The campground provides hours of entertainment while camping in Ohio. This Ohio family-friendly camping resort is where you can reset and connect with nature. In fact, ways that you never knew were possible in the Midwest. The campground provides traditional camping experiences, as well as unique experiences. The shore-accessible freshwater dive site within the campgrounds, being the most notable. With different camp options, this resort will quickly win you over while camping in Ohio.

I knew that I was in for an incredible stay. The staff was cordial and eager to help me settle in. I decided to stay in one of the cabins on site. My living area was nothing short of cozy; it was as though I was at home. I spent some time on the water, on a hot summer day, in a paddleboat. It was relaxing and offered incredible views.

I was provided with a golf cart to use throughout my stay. These are available for rent for all guests. With so many things to see and do, a golf cart is an easy solution. If you prefer, walk to where you want to go. The campground is walkable, with incredible scenery all around. Through the years, I have learned that a golf cart is an easy solution to getting around any campground. Make the golf cart part of your experience, and it takes your camping trip to a new level; you’ve now leveled up.

One thing I know for sure is the fact that you will find yourself planning a return visit to Natural Springs Resort before you leave. Camping in Ohio can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. The memories and fun you will have at Natural Springs Resort will stay with you all year long. READ MORE.

Gleason Family Adventures: Personal RV on Campsite

Our final blogger visit of the season was Brandy Gleason of Gleason Family Adventures in July. She brought her family and teenage children, who greatly enjoyed the beach and our Wibit obstacle course. The Gleasons stayed in their personal RV camper during their visit, and had an easy time getting it hooked up with our accessible RV camping sites.

When Natural Springs Resort Campground came onto my radar my interest was immediately on high alert. Our children have grown up into teenagers and planning camping trips have changed a bit for me. Now when I plan I look for things that will get my teens involved and having a good time while enjoying the outdoors. As I looked over their website I knew that the kids would love it here…and I was not wrong.

I’ll start with the obvious, the crystal clear 12-acre spring-fed lake with beautiful natural rock formations situated on a lovely coarse sandy beach. This sentence is the capstone of our time here the kids literally shut down the beach and stayed until 9 PM. When you are swimming here it is so clean you can use the go pro to swim with the fish who hang out at the edge at the deep parts of the lake. Pro-Tip: Because of the clear and deep water you can scuba dive at this facility. As the sun began to set I found myself wrapped in a towel trying to keep warm while waiting for them to be ready to leave. What an excellent way to end the day!

There are a few other things that are notable about the beach area and you won’t want to miss those. Our kids enjoyed an hour on the Wibit, which is a large inflatable floating obstacle course. You can reserve space for play at one-hour increments for $8.00 per person. Once your hour is up you can rinse off at the outdoor showers and enjoy some time in the outdoor heated pool. Once you are done swimming, jumping around the Wibit, or building a sandcastle you can dry off to use the kayak or paddle boat rentals.

Natural Springs had the family in mind when they planned it! We were honestly sad to leave when our two-night and three-day stay was over. Kids were slow helping to get the camper packed up and ready for departure. I was dragging because I never really got to sit by the campfire and enjoy the sounds of camping, but we will definitely get back here to experience the things we were not able to do. #ReturnBucketlist READ MORE.

You don’t just have to take our word for it … these bloggers know how much fun a stay at Natural Springs Resort can be! Book your next stay today or contact us with any questions online or at 937-437-5771.