Do love a good podcast? How about podcasts about one of our favorite topics: RV and camping? We love listening to podcasts as we drive to our next camping destination, or they are the perfect alternative to ghost stories around the campfire. Check out the 7 best RV and camping podcasts according to Natural Springs Resort in Southwest Ohio and fill up your listening queue on your family’s next big camping trip!

1. Happy Camper Radio

The Happy Camper Radio Show is a family-friendly podcast with a unique Q&A element for occasional campers and lifelong RV enthusiasts alike. Call the Happy Camper voicemail at 404-537-CAMP to submit your camping questions for the chance of host Skip Huber to answer them on an upcoming episode. Recent episode topics have included Skip’s transition from primitive tent camping to the RV lifestyle, how to take your pet on a camping vacation, and guest camping stories! Episodes come out weekly on Wednesdays, and are usually about a half hour in duration. 

2. The RV Miles Podcast 

The RV Miles Podcast is hosted by Jason and Abby, full-time RV travelers and National Park enthusiasts with their three children. Episodes are about 45 minutes to an hour and cover topics like the different types of RVs and trailers, their favorite U.S. spots to visit, and even gets into the nitty gritty of how RV toilets and holding tanks work! The RV Miles Podcast comes out roughly once a week along with their two other American travel podcasts, and bonus – if you enjoy YouTube videos, you can also check out Jason and Abby’s RV Miles channel for even more camping content. 

3. The RV Atlas Podcast

The RV Atlas Podcast comes from Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi, writers of the RV Atlas Blog and the “Idiots Guide: RV Vacations.” They love the chance that camping offers to travel more affordably with their twin boys, and they currently spend the majority of the warmer months on the road each year visiting a variety of spots all over the U.S. Their weekly podcast lasts between half an hour to one hour, and includes campground and gear reviews, underrated camping destinations, and tips for traveling with kids. 

4. The RV Advisor Podcast 

The RV Advisor Podcast is hosted by veteran broadcaster and camper Tom Alexander and offers the great opportunity to either watch or listen, with episodes on both Apple and YouTube. This video/podcast series is released roughly once a week, and episodes are short at just 15-20 minutes. Listen to camping advice from experts, current RV and camping trends and stories from guests on the road. 

5. StressLess Camping

The StressLess Camping podcast is hosted by Peggy and Tony Barthel with tips, tricks and hacks to make your next camping trip a little less stressful. They also host frequent guests to talk about safety information, RV techniques and even discounts for frequent RV travelers. Released every Thursday and lasting about 45 min to an hour, the StressLess Camping podcast is perfect for any skill level of RV camper!

6. RV Small Talk Podcast 

PJ, Lindsay, and Clint were all working as employees an at RV dealership when they realized that their conversations about RV travel would make a great podcast for the camping community. In addition to discussing RV trends that they’ve gathered from their work at Princess Craft RV in Round Rock, TX, they often bring on guests to talk about both RVs and the people who design and build them. Episodes are close to an hour or so, and are released sporadically, so make sure to subscribe to this podcast to get notifications when a new episode drops. 

7. RV Lifestyle Expert 

If you’re looking into living in your RV full-time, Margo Armstrong with the RV Lifestyle Expert podcast is a great resource. After publishing 11 books and a monthly blog, she decided to impart her RV living wisdom in the form of a podcast started in 2020. Margo keeps up with all of the latest camping toys, designs and trends, so be sure to check her out! Margo’s episodes come out twice a month, and each one is short and sweet lasting around 15 minutes. 

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