Return to Road Trippin’ and Family Camping Experiences

What do you remember most from your childhood? Chances are, it isn’t video games and customized experiences like kids of today. There may, instead, be memories of family camping experiences or road trips, sandwiched between two siblings in the backseat, listening to the music on the radio and hoping the song you really love will come on next. Maybe you remember backseat car games for entertainment on the drive, talking excitedly about roasting s’mores or finding a swimming hole upon arrival.

Family Road Trippin’ Nostalgia

Whatever your experience of road trippin’ or family camping as a youngster, it usually invokes a feeling of nostalgia. Many families today are striving for the same for their children. Today’s generation, whose childhood is much more centered around technology and peer groups, can really benefit from a few days of slow living, less screen time, and fun together as a family unit.

Return to Camping

With our country and globe experiencing a pandemic, taking a break to drive an hour or two to enjoy the amenities of home in a beautiful natural setting makes a whole lot of sense! Natural Springs Resort in New Paris, Ohio is a perfect Midwest lake and camping resort with fully equipped cabins, including a kitchen and bathroom, to make your experience safe and socially distanced. Some may call it “glamping”, but we try to give our visitors the amenities of home mixed with the joys of camping.

If you are more of the tent-camping family, we have newly renovated bathrooms and a protocol of frequent cleaning to keep you and your family safe. Come and enjoy swimming, kayaking, campfires and fishing together! RV sites abound, especially during the weekdays, and we offer 50 amps of electricity on many sites, as well as, the more common 30 amps.

Family Camping Experiences with Memories to Last a Lifetime

Natural Springs Resort is built to provide a fun and bonding family camping experiences. We are dedicated to creating the memories for your children that you yourself hold dear from your own experiences of childhood. Contact us today and book a fun Monday through Thursday stay this summer!

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