Suggested Things to Bring

Thank you for considering Natural Springs Resort as your family’s camping destination. Below is a detailed checklist of useful items for any camping trip to get you started. Some items will not be necessary if you are renting a cabin. This list is intended as a guideline only and should be adapted to your family’s specific needs.



_____ Sleeping Bag
_____ Air Mattress or Camping Cot
_____ Inflator for Air Mattress
_____ Pillow
_____ Tent
_____ Tent stakes (steel stakes, just in case)
_____ Seam Seal
_____ Rubber Mallet
_____ Ground Tarp or Cloth (can also be used to cover firewood)
_____ Sun Shade Shelter
_____ Chairs
_____ Rug for inside/outside Tent


_____ Flashlight (confirm it works)
_____ Lantern
_____ Cooler light
_____ Weather radio
_____ Spare batteries & bulbs
_____ Tent Light LED type


_____ Stove with fuel & lighter
_____ Spare propane bottles/fuel
_____ Fire starters
_____ Weatherproof matches (water & wind proof)
_____ Firewood (for purchase at campground)
_____ Charcoal
_____ Griddle or frying pan
_____ Hot dog skewers
_____ Pot or sauce pan with lid
_____ Can opener
_____ Pot lifter or pot holders
_____ Cooking and eating utensils
_____ Egg holder
_____ Plates and cups
_____ Bowls
_____ Nature friendly dish soap
_____ Cleaning sponge
_____ Dutch oven
_____ Paper towels
_____ Table Cloth
_____ Table cloth clips
_____ Trash bags
_____ Portable Trash Can (multi use)
_____ Aluminum foil
_____ Grate/grill for cooking over fire


_____ Sunscreen
_____ Bug repellant spray,cintronella candle, etc
_____ Aspirin,ibuprofen
_____ Antacid/pepto bismal
_____ Tweezers for splinters and ticks
_____ First aid kit
_____ Foot care kit
_____ Snake bite kit
_____ Pocket tissues


_____ Body soap (bio-degradeable)
_____ Washcloth
_____ Shampoo (bio-degradeable)
_____ Toothpaste and toothbrush
_____ Comb, brush and rubber bands
_____ Towel
_____ Toilet paper (1-ply)
_____ Deodorant
_____ Baby powder
_____ Baby wipes


_____ Shovel
_____ Multi tool
_____ Compass and map
_____ Safety Whistle
_____ Duct tape (don’t leave home without it)
_____ Cell phone w/car adapter (for use in emergency)
_____ Camera for that kodak moment
_____ Video camera to make memories
_____ Photo ID and have cash
_____ Binoculars for viewing the scenery
_____ Rope
_____ Basic tools


_____ Hat
_____ Proper jacket
_____ Rain poncho
_____ Pants
_____ Belt
_____Socks (have plenty, dry feet are happy feet)
_____Work gloves
_____Sweat pants and shirt
_____Sleep wear (kept dry for better sleeping)


_____ Backpack for hikes
_____ Duffle bag for storing and transporting
_____ Dry bag (waterproof)
_____ Cooler
_____ Ice (for purchase at campground)
_____ 5 gallon bucket has multiple uses
_____ Large sealable containers or zip lock bags for food storage


_____ At least 1/2 gal. a day per person
_____ Dehydrated meals
_____ Canned and other nonperishables

*Plan your menu before shopping to make sure you have enough food to feed everyone by planning each meal for best results. The key is to K.I.S (keep it simple), keep in mind what your planned activities will be and make sure the menu fits your needs. As an option carry an assortment of dehydrated meals that not only pack well but are quick and tasty too!