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Water Slides

Enjoy our incredible Water Slides at Natural Springs Resort!

All-day access for water slides for $3.50. That's a deal! Be sure to ask an attendant in the front office for your water slide wrist band.

The Roaring River

The Roaring River rises up to a 27′ tall peak with a 66′ sliding lane. Riders can race down the dual lanes to see who is fastest, and slides farthest! The slide is wet and wild, from the beginning to the end. The steep angle will have your adrenaline pumping. As you slide extremely fast to the bottom, you will scream with excitement!

The Hurricane

The Hurricane rises to a thrilling 27 feet! Start off climbing the ladder to the top of this intimidating slide. Take a seat, and push off to immediately propel into a 360° turn toward the straight away through the tunnel, making a 90° turn into the second tunnel and finally making yet another 90° turn! What a rush!